- It’s been four years since Duncannon began to notice that it was losing water from its system at above normal rates, but for all its efforts, the losses are higher than they were – even after multiple repair projects. The borough seems to be farther away from solving its water-loss mystery, and facing increasing pressure from regulatory agencies, according to officials at the council meeting on Feb. 16. That’s straining some relationships around the problem, too. “Why aren’t the ... [Read More]

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- Municipal utilities and clean water organizations are calling on Congress to expand the EPA’s water infrastructure programs to help them climate change-proof drinking water and wastewater systems following last week’s deep freeze in Texas. Before the storm, the EPA estimated that maintaining and improving the nation’s wastewater and drinking water infrastructure over the next 20 years will cost about $750 billion. Water infrastructure advocacy organizations say the deep freeze shows the ... [Read More]

- With plans to mitigate flooding in the Greenbrier area, Arlington Heights village trustees approved a $7.2 million contract to improve storm sewers, roadways and replace water mains in the community. The bid was awarded to DiMeo Brothers Inc., of Elk Grove Village, to execute the improvements on West Alec Street, North Wilke Road, Cambridge Street, and North Verde Street. The project also calls for detention expansion at Happiness Park. Village staff said after trustees voted at the Feb. 15 ... [Read More]

- Healthy rivers can no longer be separated into the ‘nice-to-have’ column of environmental progress The Biden-Harris transition team identified COVID-19, economic recovery, racial equity and climate change as its top priorities . Rivers are the through-line linking all of them. The fact is, healthy rivers can no longer be separated into the "nice-to-have" column of environmental progress. Rivers and streams provide more than 60 percent of our drinking water — and a clear path toward public ... [Read More]

- North Adams is marking non-working hydrants after a two fires revealed seized or frozen hydrants. North Adams Auditing Fire Hydrants & 'Bagging' for Out-of-Service NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — The Public Works Department will be "bagging" nonfunctioning hydrants to give firefighters an immediate notice of which ones aren't working. That doesn't mean every other hydrant will be in working order, Commissioner of Public Services Timothy Lescarbeau warned the Public Services Committee last Thursday. The ... [Read More]

- Some 8,707,769 people remain under boil water notices in Texas, as utilities struggle to get water pressure back up to safe levels in the wake of catastrophic winter storms and record cold temperatures. The 8.7 million figure is a sharp drop from the more than 12 million people who were under boil-water notices on Sunday – but it's still roughly comparable to the entire populations of states such as Virginia or New Jersey . Across the state, 1,259 boil water notices remain in effect, the ... [Read More]

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- The county has ample access to water to fight fires in Zion Crossroads, Ferncliff, Louisa and Mineral. Members of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors say they’d like to also have a reliable supply elsewhere in the county. But after recent fire incidents in the Reedy Creek neighborhood and near Lake Anna, county firefighters were surprised to learn they couldn’t easily access water at Moss-Nuckols Elementary School or the Food Lion on New Bridge Road. Citing a fire in September that ... [Read More]

- WILLISTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Are the fire hydrants in your neighborhood buried in snowbanks? If so, that can be a serious problem if firefighters need immediate access. Our Kayla Martin explains what one community is doing about it. “If a firefighter is taking an extra two, four, six minutes to clear out a hydrant, that’s two, four or 6 minutes that that firefighter could be inside a building searching for a loved one, a family member, a friend,” Williston Firefighter Prescott Nadeau said. ... [Read More]

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- Sen. Michael Hough has helped secure $1 million in the state's capital budget to pay for water infrastructure improvements in Emmitsburg. The money will be used for a water clarifier, which — if the General Assembly passes Gov. Larry Hogan's (R) budget — would be installed west of town, near a water treatment structure near Crystal Fountain Road. Hough (R-Frederick and Carroll) said he contacts officials from the 11 municipalities in his district in the fall before each legislative session ... [Read More]

- METROPOLIS, IL—The Metropolis Fire Department is asking people to clear away any accumulating snow near fire hydrants by or near their home. Captain Micah Tolbert said, "Having to clear around them during an emergency would certainly complicate things for us and create the potential for life threatening delays." The Local 6 Area is expecting snowfall and record cold temperatures and wind chills starting Sunday evening. A Weather Authority Alert continues for the next few days with multiple ... [Read More]