Our Vision

The SPARTAN Fire Hydrant is the best value fire hydrant
to improve public safety, water security, and cost-efficiencies
in each and every community.

SPARTAN Fire Hydrants are the New Standard in Fire Safety

Our Mission





The Conventional Problem

The Solution

Sigelock Systems SPARTAN 300 Fire Hydrant

Revolutionary design, high-quality materials, and precision manufacturing
provides unequaled security, durability, reliability, performance and cost savings.

Blue Spartan Fire Hydrant

Extremely durable

Always reliable

Very cost-effective

Highly secure

Patented features

Yellow Spartan Fire Hydrant

25 Year Warranty: parts & materials

50 Year Warranty: exterior finish

> 100 year life expectancy

Red Spartan Fire Hydrant

Powder-coated finish

Phenomenal corrosion resistance

Extremely low maintenance

Orange Spartan Fire Hydrant

Better water flow rate

Minimal cost of ownership

No leaks / No ice

Green Spartan Fire Hydrant

No water theft

No parts theft

No intrusion

No thread damage

No barrel obstructions

SPARTAN Fire Hydrant Provide a Better Value

for Everyone in Every Community

What others say about us

“We completed an exhaustive review of this hydrant along with our fire department and decided that the many improvements in design were of value to us all. These along with the modern styling and built in security solutions resulted in our decision to standardize on the Sigelock for all future installations.”

“Since 2010, the city has installed Spartan hydrants in our system. They have functioned properly with no problems. The city has been impressed by the modern design and smooth operation of these hydrants. We heartily recommend this hydrant to anyone in need of new or replacement fire hydrants.”

“Since installing the Sigelock Spartan hydrant in 2011, its performance has far exceeded my expectations. In 6 years, the hydrants have endured the harsh conditions of super storm Sandy and four extreme winters; never once seizing, rusting or freezing which often occurred with older style hydrants. The Spartan hydrant has operated flawlessly in safeguarding the public and has also presented a cost savings to taxpayers.”