Spartan Hydrant


Sigelock Systems, LLC warrants the Spartan Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant - Standard Base Model and the Spartan Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant - High Security Model for a period of twenty (25) years from the date of shipment from Sigelock Systems, LLC to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and customary use and maintenance, provided the hydrant is installed and maintained according to Sigelock Systems' instructions, and applicable codes. Sigelock Systems, LLC shall have no obligation under this warranty unless it is notified of claims hereunder promptly and in writing upon discovery thereof and within the warranty period.

The foregoing warranty does not cover failure of any part or parts from external forces, including, but not limited to, earthquake, vandalism, vehicular or other impact, application of excessive torque to the operating mechanism or frost heave. Sigelock Systems, LLC shall have the right to inspect said product before it is removed from installation. If the product is removed from installation prior to approval from Sigelock Systems, LLC this warranty shall be void.

Sigelock Systems' sole responsibility under this warranty shall be limited to, at Sigelock Systems' sole discretion, to replace the product with the same or a similar product, repair the product, provide purchasing credit, or refund the price paid for the product provided the product has been properly applied and used under normal service and under conditions for which it is designed. Purchaser shall bear all responsibility and expense incurred for removal, reinstallation and shipping in connection with any part supplied under the foregoing warranty. Sigelock Systems shall not be liable for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damage, expenses, losses or penalties and does not assume any liability of purchaser to others or to anyone for injury to persons or property.

This is the exclusive warranty given in connection with the sale of this product. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, including expressed or implied warranty of merchantability, or any expressed or implied warranty of suitability for any particular purpose, given by Sigelock Systems, LLC in connection with this product.