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The Sigelock SPARTAN hydrant is an excellent conduit for safe, uninterrupted and timely water delivery.

It ensures the highest degree of hydrant capability for emergency firefighting use. Its readiness at all times stems from its design. Since it cannot be forced open, no foreign objects such as glass, nails, cans, rags or other debris can accumulate. The caps cannot be stolen, damaged or destroyed; therefore, the hydrant is not exposed to situations that could prove deadly in the event of a fire. Also, the water supply is not subject to potential contamination through the hydrant.

The Sigelock SPARTAN:

  • Can be opened in less than five seconds, dramatically quicker than today's unreliable conventional hydrants. Thus, providing water to the fire sources faster to accelerate emergency response time.
  • Maintains optimal water pressure; Open hydrants, which can cause sudden fluctuations in water pressure and compromise fire suppression, are eliminated.
  • Virtually eliminates the incidence of frozen internal hydrant mechanisms, which can render hydrants inoperable for firefighting.