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Safety & Security

The Sigelock SPARTAN is a self-contained assembly that leaves nothing exposed. The pumper and hose nozzles, as well as the operating nut, are completely shielded behind a ductile iron and stainless steel "clamshell". This patented device locks the hydrant and causes it to clamp tighter as unauthorized entry is attempted.

The hydrant easily opens with a specially designed opening tool. The Sigelock opening tool (have it link to the opening tool page). enables authorized personnel to exert some 3,000 pounds of force and unlock the hydrant in less than five seconds. The function of the opening tool is to disengage the pumper nozzle cap until water or fire personnel are concluded with hydrant use. The opening tool can only be retrieved after the hydrant is re-secured by replacing the pumper cap and disengaging the tool.

The hose nozzle caps become unlocked and can be disengaged when the pumper cap is removed. A ratcheting mechanism allows the hose caps to be re-secured in seconds when the hydrant is no longer in use. This revolutionary concept has never been used before in this application and its functionality is unsurpassed. Innovative in design and simple to use, the Sigelock SPARTAN provides true reliability and benefits water authorities, fire departments and the public they serve. The fire hydrant is the lifeline to the firefighter and the public they safeguard, without it; property loss and loss of life are inevitable.

We live in a world filled with uncertainties. The Sigelock SPARTAN hydrant is the ultimate deterrent, making our water supply less vulnerable to tampering. Because its locking clamshell effectively prevents unauthorized usage, the Sigelock SPARTAN is extremely difficult to disable or sabotage and offers the highest degree of security. It safeguards water supplies against contamination, potential terrorist acts, and vandalism.