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The Sigelock SPARTAN hydrant achieves the toughest objectives facing water authorities and fire departments in the 21st century: reliability, water conservation, personnel safety, and water supply security. The first significant new hydrant design in more than a century, the patented Sigelock SPARTAN features rugged ductile iron and stainless steel construction that withstands the toughest environments and promotes homeland security. Its nozzles, outlets, and operating nut are completely encapsulated.

Unauthorized access is prevented because its internal ergonomic locking clamshell mechanism clamps down tighter as unauthorized individuals attempt to break into it or force it open. This unprecedented protection is a primary line of defense against those seeking unlawful water usages, as well as against potential terrorist threats.

Due to its secure locking system, the Sigelock SPARTAN virtually guarantees that proper water pressure will be available at all times – for firefighting – and for public usage. Conceived and built in the USA, the Sigelock SPARTAN's unique design also provides excellent cost efficiencies for installation, operation and maintenance.